Modern Barn in UE4


Very Beautiful work, mate. :+1:


Amazing work. I would like to have these skills and time to make such a project.


Very good work! How are you scattering grass? You used foliage tools for grass? How far is the grass mesh drawn?



There is a mix of techniques in that project. Most of the trees are generated with Procedural Foliage Tool. Some are painted with Foliage Tool. There are some individually placed near the house where I needed more control.

The grass is scattered with Landscape Grass Tool and also painted with Foliage Tool where more control is needed.

About the culling distance it depends on the situation. When I need real time performance (like in the CGArchitec Award video above) I reduce the distance to a range between 500 and 10000 meters depending on the asset (higher values for tall assets and lower for the smaller ones). For stills and footage captured with the Sequencer Tool I increase the culling distance up to 20000 for some assets. In both cases it’s important to use a material on the ground that blends well with the grass meshes to hide that culling edge.


That project became big enough that I gave up trying to show it in a single video. It would be too long and boring… So I decided to create three :sweat_smile:. Each one with different focus and mood. I’ll be releasing them in the next couple of days and here is the first one. I hope you guys enjoy it :grinning:



Second part:


Hello everyone.

I’ve finally concluded that project with the third video and portfolio posts:

Thank you all for the support and feedback. I hope you like it :grin:


Outstanding project! Very realistic looking!!!:sunglasses:
Can you share some information on how you made the fire that is seen inside - in the fireplace! I liked it very much!:roll_eyes:


I’ve used the fire material of SunTemple project applied on a couple of planes.