Modeling perforated metal facades in SketchUp


You mean a component cutting a hole in a face when it is glued to it?
Not for now. The trick is that for that to work, to need to tell to the instance which face it is to be glued to. Placing it on the face is not enough.
This is automatically done when you place an instance via the SketchUp UI, but not when placed via Ruby.

This is something we can look into for v2, but I can’t promis anything.


Sick!! I’ve came across quite a few jobs that this would saved me more sleeping time!! Thanks for sharing. Yes i personally would like to see ronen take this to lumion for a spin. I heard there are quite a few countries that started practicing lumion in their daily projects.


Will do! Thanks :wink:

I learned a thing or two about Skatter during this one, and I hope @jiminy-billy-bob will be able to implement new features for v2 soon to help make this process easier and non-destructive. That is - being able to keep editing the Skatter parametrically and have the perforated facade update LIVE!

For example, one thing we wanted to try is to make the holes square or triangle shaped… but this would call for remodeling the thing!

Here a detail shot from another angle…


Here’s one before the weekend kicks in…

I hope to share more next week :wink:


Hi all!

I took the perforated elements for a spin in another project :wink:

And a rendered crop…


Some more views from Lumion being captured as I use Livesync… working in SketchUp on one screen and seeing it all updated live on the other screen showing the Lumion viewport. Very smooth process!


evolving really nicely! definitly I must try lumion!


For sure! In this one I did not even get into working out the visual fidelity… time was spent mostly on design changes all the way to the last day or two when I just went to output mode. 10 images + Animation (two days, yes… 55 seconds animation).


We need a good skp to lumion tutorial update, how to (optimzeand preapre models, live sync, materials) etc…time to learn! Any good link so far?


I’m actually writing one for the past few weeks… coming out soon :slight_smile: A review + getting started / tutorial style of an article.


Hi!, anyone knows how to do it in 3ds max? Any technic that provides a custom/editable result?


RailClone could probably do the trick!

The example using Volume Select and Morpher Modifier up above is not good enough for what you need to do?


Hi Ronen!
I just tried and works beautifully!!

Thanks a Ton!