Meliora #4, work in progress update by Stefan Dimitrov


Hello Amer_f,

Thank you for the suggestion. I will take into consideration your thoughts and will make some more tests.


Totally dig it, it reminds me the good old days of playing Simcity :sunglasses:


Hey Stefan,

It’s a lot of work! Big scale, that’s it!
I like what you’re doing, good landscaping and atmosphere

I would try to look for a camera, it’s great now but I think it looks down too much but if we showed the horizon I think it would give more air to the picture and make it even bigger. I’d also like to see more epic in this picture. There’s so much detail and it’s interesting to look at it. But I would like to have an accent, a first impression, something to look at first, and then I’ll go and look at the whole picture. I’ll also agree with the preliminary comment on water.

In general, the picture is good! I wish you good luck!:wink:



Haha, Thank you Tony Lai. Have not thought about video games lately.



Hi Roman,

Thank you so much for the feedback. I am aiming to show only 3D geometry in my images. I have not implement any photos or matte painting on my views so far. I think that I will stick to this until the end. Otherwise I agree with you that more space and showing the horizon will give the image a better sense. The accent is the green project landscape with the high skyscrapers embraced by the vegetation. I hope that this makes sense.

I will try to make some more tests to update this view, but I will push on the other images the following days, because the deadline is coming.



Hi Stefan. I think it’s really a good image.
The only thing I noticed is that greenery is concentrated only in hudson yards zone. What about spreading along green path starting from Hudson yards going through the other part of the city? Maybe Hudson yards could became the centre of a more complex green system.


Hello Flow,

Yes, these are good thoughts. My focus is on the prject site at this moment. The aim is to make Hudson Yards standing out from the other part of the city. In this way we can see the project accent. I will try to find some more time to make some tests with greener environment to see how this will work.




Hi guys,

I have just finished the latest update on the second view for my project. I am sharing my work in progress with you. Now I will manage my time to proceed with the third image, because time starts tiking away very fast.
I am looking forward for your thoughts.



@StefanDimitrov Brilliant Stefan, so much detail packed in here! Initially I thought those leaf-shape overheads are walkways, and turns out they are shades for the walkways below. Impressive work!


Hi @tony.lai,

Thank you for your feedback. There are really lots of details on this image. This is exactly how I imagine to evolve this place in twenty years ahead. I really hope to see more greenery in the big cities and not only. I think that this concept is one possible realistic option for the future development of Hudson Yards.
Thank you for your support from the beginning of the contest, especially with the resolution advice for my Aerial view, this really helped a lot!



Hi Stefan. Beautiful image. Well balanced both in composition and in colours. And obviously…what you did with all these details is amazing.
I hope that In the future cities could fill with all those vegetation…but I’m not so optimistic (I put Hudson yards 10m underwater :joy:).
I’m curious to see your 3rd image.
Good luck