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    Default Help getting me off the ground


    Do not know were my last post went, can't find it.

    I have had a meating with a client and they are asking me for reference prictures, does not have to be mine. I do not have any of that kind. This is my first client that sounds willing to pay for my services, but I need help and are now asking you guys for help.

    I have proposed to the client that a rendered house with their products (paint) on it will make it easier for their clients to show how the different paints look. Render the same house in 3 views in all their colors.
    They want to se an example of this and I can not find anything good on google, so do anyone here have an house like this with different colors rendered out that I can use to show the client.
    I am thinking of photographing their paint on a painted wall and use that as an texture, for maximum detail.

    Please help me off the ground

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