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Thread: PFlow and Particle skinner modifier

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    Angry PFlow and Particle skinner modifier

    Hello there,

    I am new in PFlow, this is my 1st attempt actually. So what I wanted to do is to create a piece of paper and make it collide with objects, exactly like this video

    The problem occurs when I want to make 10 pieces of paper being emmiting by the same spot every some time frames. I have copied the main event, and I linked the 2nd event on the source. I gave it a start time frame at 80 (the 1st event is at 0) and now 2 papers are emitted from the same spot.

    The problem is that the 1st event works great, it uses the object I have linked it to it (through the Particle skinner modifier). The second event does not uses the linked object to it. So because the main object is taken by the 1st event, I have copied it and the 2nd object I have linked it on the second event (through the particle skinner midifier and particle flow events area). But the simulation on the second event goes without the linked object. It works but without the linked object although I have linked it to an object just like on the 1st event (which works great).

    Sorry for the essay,

    Please give some help

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