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    Hi all,
    I've been approached to produce a series of images for a flooring supplier. They sell a range of products (wood, vinyl, carpet, etc) and would like a series of internal scenes to give a consistent preview of each of the products.

    Their initial request was 5 or 6 scenes (I'm guessing a kitchen, a bedroom, a lounge, etc), Each product would only use one scene, but would need two or three viewpoints of that scene. They sell a lot of products, so we're talking hundreds of (similar) images in total.

    I was hoping for a bit of advice from anyone who'd done this kind of thing before. Although I've been in visualisation for almost 15 years, I've never had to produce accurate textures from actual physical samples. It could be a good earner, but it's way outside my comfort zone!

    So I guess the questions are:
    * How best to photograph the samples? I won't be able to rely on textures provided by the manufacturers as they'll vary in quality, which suggests photographing them myself. Any advice on studio setup? Would it be worth hiring a professional photographer? What sort of size sample would I need as a minimum?
    * I'd probably use Maxwell to render the scenes, which offers pretty realistic materials. Would I be able to assume that all manufacturers could provide me with appropriate light reflectance values etc, or would I get away with just doing things 'by eye'? I tend to have a quite a post-heavy workflow normally, so just go for materials that look right.
    * Any guesses how long I should realistically allow to create each material based on a decent photo? (I know that's a vague one, but I need some sort of benchmark!!) I'm guessing I'll need diffuse, bump and roughness maps at the least...
    * Any other pitfalls or issues to worry about? Any bad experiences?

    Any advice appreciated.



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