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Thread: First step in a freelance career ArchViz

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    Cool First step in a freelance career ArchViz

    I worked about 5 years in ArchViz industry, I have acquired many skills in my workflow, but had to leave the office where I worked because of college.

    I am launching me on a freelance basis to keep me, but I do not have contacts to work.

    What would you do in my place?

    I'm sending several emails presenting my work to architecture branch companies and interior design, but it is the right way to bring to market?

    Thank you, good holiday season to all

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    hey chavespunk, thats a tough spot to be in. i doubt its helpful, but i get practically all of my work through referral, either past clients coming back or spreading my name around, or friends within the architectural community. i think if i were starting with a blank slate, i would be contacting firms that i'd like to work with, and offering my services at a discounted rate to get myself a foothold. i hate the idea of proposing underselling yourself, but at the get-go, i think its all about developing relationships and a bit of a name. im not sure if thats helpful at all, but its my two cents, at very least.
    Mike Golden.


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