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    Quote Originally Posted by GoldLockett View Post
    Saw your video earlier. You did a good job! I personally think you're the guy to beat. Anyways, congrats on your completion
    Quote Originally Posted by Jhosep View Post
    Your work is fantastic, nice details, good luck!
    Thanks you guys!
    I started almost immediately in on a new project which you can follow here: (I had to shorten the link because the forum kept shortening the link and breaking it, it just goes back to the works in progress forum here on ronenbekerman)

    I returned today to write up my making of and I wanted to post it here. It's in pdf so I wasn't sure where to upload it. Right now it's on my personal file-sharing site.
    I've got a link here:
    It's 10 pages of notes so hopefully it'll be useful to any of you that were interested in my process and thoughts about things

    Cheers and once again, good luck everyone!
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    Congratulation Josh! Your work are, in my opinion, really great and your dedication in making this guide for us users is fantastic. I wanted to personally thank you for sharing your knowledge and your advice accrued during this journey. These will certainly be very interesting and I will read it all in one breath
    Thanks again


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