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Thread: Anyone here uses Vue xStream?

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    Had to register just to respond to this post! I am a landscape architect and was so excited about Vue Xstream. I did try the free version before i bought it. So I only blame myself. I was very new to Max 3d modelling when i bought Vue and a bunch of Vue plants (about $2k total....ouch). I had high hopes but had numerous problems when i really ramped up to use it on projects. I used it up to Vue 9 I think. Some of my personal comments:

    Very slow viewport performer in Max. Geforce 470 card. Dual Xenon. 20gb Ram. SSD drive. I never tried it with Max 2012 and I do not plan on re-installing it. That is painful for me to say.

    Lacked some basic functionality for my needs. You must use the Vue copy commands for example. This didn't make sense to me as i need to be able to 'swap' autocad plant instances (blocks) with 3d plants models. The quality of the free or purchased Vue plant mdels were all over the place. Some were okay, many were poorly modelled.

    It seems like a fantastical kind of tool. Very granular with soooo many options. But then lacking in some basic ones. Never got DR working. I think that was extra cost (unless you use Vue as a standalone which after getting used to Max's environment, is not how I want to work).

    I am now using my own growing library of individual plants models, some simple max scripting for "instance replacing", and judicious use of display as box and general display organization. Keep in mind I am a novice 3d-er.

    And of course, ForestPro is simply perfect for many of my uses. And look at the difference in price between Vue and ForestPro! Obviously apples to oranges comparison. But i digress.

    Needless to say, for my own personal opinion, Vue was a huge costly mistake in software spending for me. I am absolutely thrilled to see more real-world applications of Vue for landscape architecture (in a an organized workflow, methodical and re-producable way). Then i might re-install it!

    I should say that 'playing' around in Vue was really alot of fun. It is trying to do such powerful atmospheric and environmental things, it would help to have a SUPER computer.

    Enough of my ranting...cheers! Please Vue-ers, post some examples! I hope to get back to it if possible.

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    I started with Vue Studio and in the end spent over $800 adding upgrades and buying plants and materials. In the end, it was useless to me. Studio will only let a max of 8 threads for rendering and renders crawled. The quality was rather poor, like an old raytracer. If you cranked the settings to max, you were waiting days for a render to finish. In the end, I realized that there is nothing that Forest Pro, some purchased trees, and a nice collection of HDRI's couldn't do. It was fun to play with but way too costly for what it is.

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    I used vue for some of my projects and it worked quite well for me. I used the standalone version. I made my models in max and imported them to vue in obj format. the ecosystem creation is very powerfull and have a wide variety of options.
    as I remember I had some problems with the quality of the trees and textures in the close-ups. and the viewport navigation and display needs a little innovation I think. I used it inside max too and it seemed quite stable. just need to adjust some settings correctly and it works fine.
    all in all its was fun to use and I hope it will be better and better with the newer versions.
    recently I prefer max with multiscatter and onyx... I get used to max over the years.

    here are some renders I've made with vue:

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    i wonder if it will ever be useable with vray...
    iv been wanting ozone for years!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sinister View Post

    I use from time to time for works of art, Vue compatible with latest VRay. A very powerful tool.
    Those background mountains really look amazing!

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