Help me! Lighting problem vray 3dsmax
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Thread: Help me! Lighting problem vray 3dsmax

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    Default Help me! Lighting problem vray 3dsmax

    Hi guys,
    I have a problem in the last pass of my render, because it transform all the effects in flat colors.
    I'm using GI an Vray Sun, with three rectangular lights with skyportal enabled.
    I think the problem could be in the settings, but i can't spot it.
    I would be very thankful for any help!

    Here are screen shots of the settings:

    Prepass: Name:  light ok.jpg
Views: 1388
Size:  49.1 KB

    Final render: Name:  final.jpg
Views: 941
Size:  4.4 KB


    Sun Name:  vray sun.jpg
Views: 1047
Size:  85.8 KB

    Vray Physical Camera Name:  physical camera.jpg
Views: 1298
Size:  89.5 KB

    Render Settings Name:  settings.jpg
Views: 6652
Size:  57.5 KB

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    if you feel your problem from render setting , do one thing, change render engine to any other one and re select vray again this will reset your setting,
    try to render and let see the result already can't see your snap shot on render setting it's not clear ,,
    - which unit you are using in your scene ??

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