Vray MtlWrapper Transperency PROBLEM!
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Thread: Vray MtlWrapper Transperency PROBLEM!

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    Default Vray MtlWrapper Transperency PROBLEM!

    Hi every body! I've got annoying problem with MtlWrapper transparency.

    I've tried to describe the whole process in pictures attached. The aim is to put objects in natural environment. Wrapper becomes really transparent only when turn "Receive GI" completely off, what is not correct, but i still get white border around objects(pic #5 and lat attached image).
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    The problem with white borders appears to be in "affect background" option, but I don't know how to avoid it rendering with background bitmap.

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    And MtlWrapper still not transparent... even receiving GI 0,1
    I'm getting sick of it :x hope for your help...
    Thanks ahead))
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    White borders disappear with "Sub pixel mapping" ON, what is not completely correct as written on official page:
    Color Mapping
    BUT, helped me in this concrete situation.

    Vray Wrap Material, Matte object or VrayMtlWrapper is not completely transparent, only if "receive GI" is off.

    Investigation in pictures:
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