Export and update sketchupmodels to C4D
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Thread: Export and update sketchupmodels to C4D

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    Default Export and update sketchupmodels to C4D

    I have a problem in my workflow between Sketchup and C4D.

    I can export a Sketchupmodel to C4D.
    But when I update and export my Sketchupmodel again to C4D (as I do at least 100 times per project) all my previous assigned information in C4D gets lost. It even creates a new folder in c4d with all the modelinformation.
    It adds to the model but not updates it...

    What I want is creating lights, assigning materials to object etc in C4D that won't be deleted after I import the updated Sketchupmodel.
    I want to proceed with editing in c4d instead of starting all over again.

    How can I properly export, with .fbx or .3ds?
    Where is the 'update model' button in C4D when opening or merging the model?

    I really need help with this one.

    Thanks for the tips!

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    Hello Driedee, I use the same workflow (Sketchup to C4d/Vray). As you probably can confirm, this is not a common workflow, or at least it's really hard to find useful information on the web.
    I personally use to export as .3ds "by material", and before exporting I use to give materials (just plain colours) to my objects, to use as placeholders for further texturing in C4d.

    Getting to your main question, I don't think there's a way to automatically update a model. In my case, as I use to model everything as separated objects in sketchup (e.g. when I create a wall, I group the faces so that the wall will be an object), is pretty fast to delete a single object and update it without having to update everything. In fact, even if you export by material, in c4d you will find different meshes if they where grouped in skp.
    Anyway I know this is not a perfectly clean solution but I don't know a better one.

    I think there's a real need for some further discussion about the sketchup/c4d workflow, maybe we can think about opening a thread to collect some other points of view. In my case, everything I learned about it, I did it by myself getting some precious references from the tips for the sketchup/3dstudio max workflow you can find here (thank you so much Ronen, and not just for that!). But of course C4d is a different software and it needs a slightly different approach.


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