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    GrowFX with custom modeled leafs, rendered in Corona:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Macker View Post
    Some fantastic progress being made by people. I am still convinced that the shaders aren't really the issue, I reckon the tree modelling process is what needs looking at. The most interesting development I've seen in a while is this;


    Capturing and Animating the Morphogenesis of Polygonal Tree Models

    Plastic Trees: Interactive Self-Adapting Botanical Tree Models

    I honestly think someone needs to create a user friendly "L-system" tree generator; it has the potential to produce by far the most realistic results, I think. It takes into account the fact that branches won't grow where there is too much competition for space - thus causing them to branch outwards, etc. It could also be used to model where buds, fruits and flowers would realistically appear.

    Yes, you could do all of the above with GrowFX - but to get it to work on trees of different ages, species and such would require a tremendous amount of set up time. The L-system would work in a similar way to the Guruware Ivy Generator in that it generates the tree following a set of parameters and environmental constraints (i.e. sunlight availability, proximity to other objects).
    Well, it looks like my prayers have finally been answered:

    Check it out chaps.
    Check out my blog @


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