Work In Progress Section Objectives and Posting Requirements
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Thread: Work In Progress Section Objectives and Posting Requirements

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    Exclamation Work In Progress Section Objectives and Posting Requirements

    Forum Objectives

    This section of the forum is all about creating discussion and getting critique by showcasing your work in progress (WIP) Architectural Visualization work. Images posted here will be critiqued by forum members such as you, helping to better your work and allow for all to learn from the discussion. In return you need to be willing to share more than just showing your images so that others may learn from your work, just as you learn from the work of others.


    Do your best to give honest critiques while remaining constructive. We all know how much work can go into a piece and if you don't like someone's work, it is OK to say so but do offer them some constructive criticism that will help them improve. Please be professional and not get personal with the comments and feedback.

    Posting Requirements

    Please provide the following information in the first post of your thread
    as a baseline for the discussion:

    • Thread Title: Choose a meaningful descriptive title for your thread, such that it will be as clear as possible what the content is about. This will also help with search engine indexing your work better.
    • Project: Personal, Client Work as Freelance / Company.
    • Location: Geographical location of the visualization subject matter.
    • Type: Transportation, Retail, Residential, Commercial, Etc.
    • Software: Programs, plugins and techniques used during the creation of your posted images.

    Uploading Images

    Please Post pictures directly to the forum using the "Manage Attachment" button. I ask this so that the picture remains permanent with the post and also fit the forum visual design.

    The built in resizing system may cause excess artifacts to your images so it is best if you create a version that will fit the forum yourself in Photoshop for example in such a case.

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    Since this limits the images to 792px width you are encouraged to add links to higher resolution versions hosted by yourself or on popular image hosting services such as imageshack, photobucket, flickr, etc.

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    You can attach 6 images per post and they all show on the bottom of it by default, but you can place them inline were you want by adding the inline BBCode syntax as you can see in the image above.

    New Members

    Your first posts or threads will not automatically appear in the forum since all new members must first be validated by a moderator or administrator. This is done so that we can block spam from showing up on the forum.

    Looking forward to see your next post!

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