Hi guys, I've been working on a Little Project which I might never finish so I decided to post it here.
It has been a while since I started the migration process from 3ds max to maya, guess I'm tired of the old buggy max with the same old tools. I've tried pretty much every software there is and maya won the battle with ease. The final contender was cinema 4d and even though it is a really really nice piece of software I think it lacks some features on specific areas like for example uv mapping. Anyways, in the end I feel more comfortable with maya.
Also, since there is no Corona Render for maya, which was my production renderer of choice, I had to start looking for options. Vray was a great option but it is really expensive for a freelance like myself on this part of the world so the one come and fill that space was redshift, an incredibly fast and awesome gpu renderer. And man!, it is so fast and also production proven. Needless to say that it integrates seamlessly with Maya.

Every day I discover awesome new features in Maya which makes me love it every day a bit more. The new MASH system is pretty neat and comes in really handy as a reaplacement for forest pack pro. Also viewport 2.0 is a beast.

This time I wanted to learn and experiment with Bifrost, Maya's fluid simulation system. It is fast, easy to use, reliable and provides awesome results. Also you can export the simulations to alembic and vdbs.

So here are some fast renders with Redshift's default settings. On full hd these images took to render 50 seconds. And for the animation with displacement and sub Surface scatering on the water, I could render 500 frames on 720p on a single 1080 (no TI) over one night.
Maybe I might find some time to finish this off so I hope I could get some feedback, specially if there are some Maya users out there how can give some tips on Bifrost workflows in general.

Video is in 720, sorry for that. Hopefuly if I finish this I can post a full hd version
Here is the link to Vimeo just in case https://vimeo.com/212154904
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