Autodesk new Max licenses policies influneces the Arch Viz industry
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Thread: Autodesk new Max licenses policies influneces the Arch Viz industry

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    Default Autodesk new Max licenses policies --> which software as replacement for Max

    Hi there,

    With Autodesk changing their license policy regarding to Max it is time to start a discussion/changing ideas.
    As many of you may know Autodesk are burying their perpetual licenses and forces us to go on a rental model.
    Like many* of you I feel nailed/f**ked or what so ever.
    *Sources: social media and for example here or here and perhaps many more.

    I did not find a related topic on this forum, but if it does exist you may point me in the right direction.

    I am not sure I we can find a replacement for Max in one product. This due to the different render engines we all use and due to the different plugins we all use.

    I played around with Blender. Great product, it could speed up my workflow in some specific cases. But as I am a Coronanaut, I am not interested to render in a standalone render engine. Exporting a scene towards OBJ to get a render will slow down my workflow tremendously.

    C4d Visualize could be an option. But for the moment, I am not familiar whit the product. I do have the experience that many Max users are not moving over to C4D.

    Houdini Core, yes could be. Many Maxers I know are exploring Houdini. A bit more expensive then competitors but promising.

    Modo, I have no clue, but others do.

    SketchUp. I use it quite frequently, always for modelling. But for the rest IMHO it is restricted in many ways.

    Game engines. Although I see some advantages, my current scenes will not fit on a graphic card.

    But I am eager to know what you guys or girls are thinking about this situation?
    To which other software packages are you looking?

    And you developers like Itoo and many more in which direction will you go?

    Any positive thoughts are welcome.


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