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    Default Working with designers/clients

    Hi Guys,

    I have a question regarding how people deal with revisions and clients. I'm finding quiet often, especially with Interior designers, that when we are going through a process of finalising the visuals we end up in a situation of the client using the renders as a design tool. Meaning that once they see the image they find things they don't like and specify new products to put into the scene. Now we could just charge for everytime this happens but we want to be open to changes with the client but there comes a time when it becomes cost prohibitive.

    does anyone have any advice whn in these situtations.

    Thank you in advance

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    Hi Chris,

    You can either mention such cases in your initial contract / proposal or address this as it happens on the go, BUT RIGHT AWAY as it happens... don't let is slide since then you actually teach the client it is ok and once you raise the issue its as if "you take something away from them". not good!

    How you set this up is on you - I would recommend to set expectation at the starting point.

    Hope this helps.


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