I am having problems making wood panels like this (http://www.ronenbekerman.com/making-of-garden-office/). When I do this my "space" between the planks on the texture gets in the middle of the plank. As seen where the mouse are in the screenshoot below.
What textures should I use, how does they look?

I know that this is an universal thing and I am not using 3ds max (sorry, does not work on my mac) and I am asking here as you guys seam to have the skills, the quallity at the things at this page is were I want to be some day.. But here is a printscreen from modo.
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Offcorse I can move the UVs around and fix it, but is there a faster way of doing this? Have seen many professionals that does not even UV map and gets a good ressult. Or is that just luck?

Would love some of the great tools that Max has, like MaterialByElement Modifier, Floor generator, Forest Pack and so on. But the only thing I have found in Modo does not work with my renderer (Octane). Som I am back at square one.
Right now I am painting it in Mari to get it right, but it takes extra time.

Hope you can help me.