Peter + Alison Smithson - Upper Lawn Pavillon // Lasse Rode, xoio
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Thread: Peter + Alison Smithson - Upper Lawn Pavillon // Lasse Rode, xoio

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    Default Peter + Alison Smithson - Upper Lawn Pavillon // Lasse Rode, xoio

    hi everyone,

    i would like to share some of my latest personal work.
    the images show the upper lawn pavillon by brutalist architects peter & alison smithson built for themselves as a private weekend-house in the late 50's
    on the basements of an ancient cottage.
    I always liked this house since the early days in architecture school and planned to do some renders of it for some time.

    The images basicly show a path towards and through the house - looking back in the end into the landscape.

    i hope you like it.

    big thanks go to our last intern nga who did some of the basic arch-modelling.

    best regards from berlin


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    and some more:

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    Lovely set, very dramatic, which goes well with the severe austerity of the subject, plus nice overall rustic feel on those materials. I very much enjoy brutalism, you know, when done the right way.

    Maybe too much post on some of these but, other than that, great job!

    I would spend hours in that rustic reading room by the way. No furniture, just books and a view.
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